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Hello! My name is Lauren King. I am a wife, mom and photographer. All three things of which bring me more joy in the world than I ever would have dreamed possible. I am one of the lucky ones who proudly get to say they have their dream job. If you would have asked me out of high school what I thought I would be doing 8 years later, I can promise you; "Photographer" would not have been my answer. Not because it's not what I wanted to do back then, but, because I would have never thought it possible. Life, however, is a beautiful thing. It can surprise you when you least expect it and lead you places you never thought you could have gone. It is full of ups and downs and twists and turns that bring with it whirl winds of emotion just waiting to be released into the world. We are the capsules of that emotion, and I, thrive to freeze it in time so that it may live forever. My name, A Natural Portrayal Photography, comes from my desire to portray the natural essence of who we are. From the bursts of laughter to tears of joy, there is something so effortless and simple that lives in us all. The lens of my camera is the creative eye to bringing this essence to life for others to see in a special and creative way.

I am a portrait and wedding photographer residing in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I happily work with clients in surrounding areas of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania (and beyond!). I love working onsite with natural light in both outdoor and indoor environments to bring its raw beauty forward in a new and fresh perspective. In addition to wedding photography, I enjoy working with families, couples, seniors, expecting parents and newborns.

A Natural Portrayal Photography is your source for quality photography that is not only creative and affordable but also comes with an experience that is relaxed, fun and all about you. I look forward to hearing from you about how I can help capture your Natural Portrayal. 


Earth-Friendly Practices

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Stellar Culture and Products

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Giving Back

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